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Daffin Jeans

IDR 569,900.00
Daffin Jeans 0 0
Out of stock
Size Available :
Lingkar Pinggang x Lingkar Pinggul x Panjang sisi dalam x Panjang depan
- 27 in (70cm x 82cm x 75cm x 24cm)
- 28 in (74cm x 88cm x 76cm x 25cm)
- 29 in (78cm x 94cm x 77cm x 26cm)
- 30 in (82cm x 100cm x 78cm x 27cm)
- 31 in (86cm x 106cm x 79cm x 28cm)
- 32 in (90cm x 112cm x 80cm x 29cm)
- 33 in (94cm x 118cm x 81cm x 30cm)
- 34 in (98cm x 124cm x 82cm x 31cm)
- 35 in (102cm x 130cm x 83cm x 32cm)
- 36 in (106cm x 136cm x 84cm x 33cm)

Fabric :

Price : IDR 569.900

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